Pre-Independence Censuses:

Census taking in Nigeria dates as far back as 1866, 1871, 1881,1891, and 1901 all in Lagos colonies. 1911 census captured the Lagos colony and Southern protectorate (today South East, South-South and South Western Nigeria) while a separate census was carried out in the Northern protectorate.

The Amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 paved the way for the nationwide census in 1921, 1931, and 1941 and another census followed in 1952/53

Post-Independence Censuses:

The first census after Nigeria’s Independence was conducted in 1962 and this was widely rejected, the government ordered a fresh count which resulted in controversies. There was another headcount in 1973 which also ended in controversy and was cancelled

The 1991 census was adjudged as successful when compared with the previous censuses as the country was completely demarcated into enumeration and Supervisory areas before the census.

The 2006 population and Housing census were the first of its kind because; Statistical data relating to the number and condition of housing units and facilities available to the households were incorporated into the 2006 census procedures.